Revised Instructions for Installing the Rainbowfish CDROM

  1. Insert the disc in your CDROM drive. Double-click on "My Computer", right-click on your CDROM drive icon and select "Open". Double-click the file "SETUP.EXE".

  2. Follow the directions presented by the installation program, "SETUP.EXE".

  3. Before running the Rainbowfish program for the first time, you must download the latest viewer file. Open your web browser and go to Click on the link for the "HyperMaker HTML" and save the file in a known place on your harddrive.

    Bersoft no longer appears to offer just the viewer from their download page, so you will have to download and install the entire program in order to get the latest viewer program that works with Microsoft operating systems newer than Win98. Find where you saved the downloaded file from and double-click on it to install HyperMaker. By default, you will find that HyperMaker will install in "C:\Program Files\bersoft\hypermaker3000". As before, copy the "hmhtmlviewer.exe" in place of where the original version that came with the Rainbowfish CDROM was installed (the default installation folder is "C:\Rainbowfish").

  4. Double-click on the Rainbowfish icon and enjoy!