We invite you to join ANGFA and enjoy the excellent resources that become available to you. Membership is open to all.

To join on-line using either credit card or PayPal, go to our SECURE membership form HERE.

ANGFA Inc. accepts visa and mastercard.

ANGFA Inc. also accepts PayPal for payments. ANGFA Inc.'s PayPal account email is

or if you prefer not to join up by electronic means, you can print out this PDF form (5Mb), and send with your remittance to:
  The Treasurer, ANGFA Inc
PO BOX 1040

More membership options are now available. These conveniently enable you to join any and most of ANGFA National (Fishes of Sahul), ANGFA NSW, ANGFA VIC, ANGFA WA or SANFA using a single membership form. Pay once, join any or all. This is handy if you want to join both your local and national ANGFA groups. Only one payment is required, thereby saving you time and trouble, and saving ANGFA processing costs.

Membership prices are: >
Choose either option 1 or 2, plus hardcopy option (if needed).1 year
Option 1
ANGFA National including local State membership (except Qld)
Receive DIGITAL ONLY version Fishes of Sahul plus State membership
including State newsletters.
Option 2
ANGFA National with NO State membership included
- receive DIGITAL ONLY version Fishes of Sahul.
OPTIONAL Extra: Receive additional HARDCOPY version Fishes of Sahul$20


  1. All prices shown are in Australian currency.
  2. Membership to any club is optional.
  3. Membership outside Australia slightly higher to defray additional postage costs. Not all clubs offer membership outside Australia
  4. If paying by cheque, please make cheque to "ANGFA Inc." and payable on an Australian Bank, if not an Australian bank then add a further AUD $10 for currency conversion.
  5. Currency conversion fee not applied by ANGFA to Credit Card or PayPal payments.
  6. ANGFA Incorporated is the national body that publishes Fishes of Sahul & ANGFA News
  7. ANGFA QLD publishes In-Stream & holds regular meetings for members in Brisbane
  8. ANGFA NSW publishes Rivus & holds regular meetings for members in Sydney
  9. ANGFA VIC publishes VICNews & holds regular meetings for members in Melbourne

Membership commences in January of the year of joining. If joining after January, we will send previous issues to ensure you have missed nothing in the year of joining. We send a courtesy reminder as renewal time approaches.

ANGFA Incorporated Membership benefits include:
  • Four (4) issues per year of the official ANGFA journal "Fishes of Sahul"
  • Four (4) issues per year of the official club newsletter ANGFA News
  • The opportunity to be part of the members only ANGFA Announce e-mail mailing list
  • The opportunity to meet or participate on-line in the ANGFA forum with other hobbyists with similar interests
  • The opportunity to apply for member privileges to the ANGFA Aquatic Survey Database that is a record of official club field trip results from around Australia
  • Member Access to a range of products advertised regularly within ANGFA
  • Notice of upcoming ANGFA conventions - the highlight of the aquarists' calendar
  • Notice of upcoming ANGFA Combined Field Trips - the best way to enjoy camaraderie and experience the Australian bush and aquatic life