Dr. Gerald Allen, Western Australian Museum

First Published: September 1994, Fishes of Sahul: Volume 8/3

This article describes a trip to the Voglekop Peninsular of Irian Jaya undertaken by Dr. Gerald Allen. On this trip Gerry finds a new rainbowfish and names it in honour of our organisation.

Picture of M. angfa
Melanotaenia angfa

Bruce Hansen

First Published: March 1992, Fishes of Sahul: Volume 7/2

This article describes a trip to Arnhem Land in the Northern Territory of Australia by Dr. Bruce Hansen and colleagues from ANGFA. On this trip the author collects a new colour morph of the Melanotaenia trifasciata tribe.

Picture of M. trifasciata (Wonga Ck)

Melanotaenia trifasciata (Wonga Ck)

Rudie H. Kuiter

Over the years I have been asked repeatedly about photographing fishes, especially since my article "Wild Tasmania" in Fishes of SahulV20-1, underwater, in the wild, as well as in aquariums. In principal there is no difference between photographing fishes in the wild or captive, other than that they are much easier to work with in the wild, particularly large fishes. Most difficult is photographing fishes that were just captured and getting good pictures of them before they change colour. Large fishes caught on line or in seines can be photographed by just holding them to have a record. For small fishes a small and portable aquarium is the best way, but various types of containers or even plastic bags that are clear can be used.


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