Fishes of Sahul 2020 Hardcopy

Volume 34. High quality hardcopy A4 edition



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NB: A very limited number of the 2019 Hardcopy (Volume 33) remain available and can be purchased using the button below.

Fishes of Sahul Volume 33 is a single A4 size hardcopy edition. The four editions published digitally in 2019 contained many wonderful articles accompanied by a lot of fantastic photographs. Now you can have a copy for your collection, your library, as a gift, or just to enjoy at your leisure. Order and pay securely with your credit card using the button below.


Fishes of Sahul 2019 Hardcopy


Articles in Volume 34

Lenagan, J. 2020. Cairns to Weipa and back, through a new lens: Part 2. Gobioides of the Wet Tropics. Fishes of Sahul 34(4), 1642–1657.

Roberts, D. 2020. Conserving the Endangered Mary River Cod (Maccullochella mariensis): the difference one person can make. Fishes of Sahul 34(4), 1658–1675.

Martin, G., Unmack, P.J. & Scharpf, C. 2020. Fish in focus: Congolli Pseudaphritis urvillii (Pseudaphritidae). Fishes of Sahul 34(4), 1676–1688.

 Evers, H-G. 2020. Some of the world’s most amazing Rainbowfishes from the karst rivers on the Central Ayamaru Plateau. Fishes of Sahul 34(3), 1610–1625.

Amick, P.K., Yarrao, M. & Storey, A. 2020. A review of the genus Kiunga (Teleostei: Pseudomugilidae), with notes on distribution, potential environmental impacts and recommendations for research and conservation. Fishes of Sahul 34(3), 1626–1636.

Cousins, J., Unmack, P.J. & Scharpf, C. 2020. Fish in focus: Sorong Rainbowfish Melanotaenia fredericki (Melanotaeniidae). Fishes of Sahul 34(3), 1637–1640.

Moy, K.G., Jones, M. & Unmack, P.J. 2020. Dust, ash, blackwater and mud: what have they done to my Darling Hardyhead?. Fishes of Sahul 34(2), 1550–1567.

Scharpf, C. 2020. Fishes of Sahul: an etymological survey (part 3). Fishes of Sahul 34(2), 1568–1582.

Moy, K.G., Wilson, D., Briggs, G., Hansen, B., Unmack, P.J. & Scharpf, C. 2020. Fish in foscus: Craterocephalus “stercusmuscarum” group species (Atherinidae). Fishes of Sahul 34(2), 1583–1608.

Martin, K. & Barclay, S. 2020. Impacts of a natural landslide on the fish community of a small tropical Queensland stream. Fishes of Sahul 34(1), 1520–1530.

Woodhouse, W. 2020. An urban oasis in south-eastern Sydney – the gudgeons of Cooper Park. Fishes of Sahul 34(1), 1531–1535.

Wilson, W. 2020. Aquarium fish food for omnivorous fishes and invertebrates – home made. Fishes of Sahul 34(1), 1536–1537.

Lange, G. 2020. Kill the creep – salt creep. Fishes of Sahul 34(1), 1538–1539.

Gauci, P, Lange, G., Wilson, D., Briggs, G., Unmack, P.J. & Scharpf, C. 2020. Fish in focus: Blueback Blue-eye Pseudomugil cyanodorsalis (Pseudomugilidae). Fishes of Sahul 34(1), 1540–1548.

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