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The Australian New Guinea Fishes Association brings together people with common interests in understanding more about the freshwater fishes and aquatic habitats of the region.

ANGFA’s objectives are to promote the study, conservation and culture of the native freshwater fish species of Australia and New Guinea, and to provide a forum for the exchange of information.


Fishes of Sahul Vol 30 No 2


Main features in this issue:

Discovering Melanotaenia bowmani and Melanotaenia grunwaldi
by Johannes Graf & Gary Lange

Blue-eye diversity in Australia, including new distribution locality records with a focus on the Torres Strait Islands
by Bruce Hansen & Russell Constable

Giant water beetles and water tigers: serious predators on a small scale
by Nick Romanowski

Fish in Focus: Blackmast Craterocephalus stramineus

VICNEWS 120 May 2016

The amazing Mt Rothwell Conservation and Research Centre in Lara, read John Cousin’s article for more information.

Species Commissioner’s facebook page reminding us of the devastating impact that trout are having.

A very interesting take on conservation by three scientists from Melbourne University: Ben Phillips, Andrew Weeks and Ary Hoffmann.

The proposed stocking of Murray Cod and Golden Perch into Rocklands Reservoir in the Grampians National Park.

Fishes of Sahul Vol 30 No 1

Main features in this issue:

Fish species sold in the Kikori market, Papua New Guinea, with special reference to the Nurseryfish Kurtus gulliveri(Perciformes:Kurtidae). Carla C. Eisemberg & Tim M. Berra

Red Neon Blue-eye Pseudomugil luminatus. Gerald R. Allen, Peter J. Unmack & Renny K. Hadiaty

A review of the distribution and status of “Burdekin Rainbowfish” populations in north Queensland. Keith C. Martin & Susan Barclay

Fish in focus: Coal Grunter Hephaestus carbo. Glenn Briggs et al.

RIVUS NSW February 2016

President’s report
Upcoming Events
New Venue
March field trip
Amazon Sword
Field trip report
Super Auction
Fry live Food
Carp virus

VICNEWS 118 February 2016

Bruce Sambell on breeding Jade Perch
Editors note and President’s report
Surveying in the Tarkine Wilderness
Rainbow breeders group report for 2016
Fishes in peril from hydro dam construction
Virus to be released to kill carp
Key committee contacts, meeting dates


VICNEWS 119 April 2016

Promo for John Lenagan’s presentation on Far North Queensland

President’s report and Editor’s Note
The Field Trip Files: upper Latrobe and Little Yarra Rivers March 12th 2016
Ecologists breeding native fish in dams for reintroduction to the wild
Native fish returning to the Murray River floodplain

Fishes of Sahul Vol 29 No 4

Main features in this issue:

What is the future of the Elizabeth Springs Goby? by David Roberts
Burdekin River Rainbowfish on the verge of disappearing from Running River! by Peter Unmack and Michael Hammer
Unusual coloured galaxias by David Shoesmith

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